Established in 1956 as a full line chemical distributor, serving the greater Rockford, IL market.

Added bulk capacity in 1959 and extended geographic penetration to fifty miles.

Moved to present southeast Rockford, IL location in 1962, have continued to purchase adjacent/contiguous parcels of land to allow for continued growth.

Added lubricant blending capabilities in 1974 to become a more full-service supplier to our industrial customers.

Solvent blending and cleaner blending became important part of VIKING in the 1970's. Purchased assets and equipment of Applied Chemical Technologies in 1985, providing VIKING an entry into the water treatment market.

Expanded geographic service area during 1980's to extend our customer base to a 300 mile radius of Rockford, IL.

Built new solvent tank farm in 1990's to anticipate and prepare for increased business and regulation.

Established with four other Chicago area distributors, ChemSource, LLC in 1999. ChemSource, with the addition of eleven more like minded distributors throughout the United States is now known as the Chemical Distribution Network. Our goal is to blend the responsiveness and focus of entrepreneurial companies, such as our own, and equal the strengths of a large national company.

Created the VIKING Management System, a quality and environmental management system conforming to the ISO 9001-2000 quality and ISO 14001-1996 environmental standards in 2003.

Viking Chemical purchased SES in October of 2010. This acquisition was aimed at teaming a well-established equipment company with Viking Chemical to offer our customers a total inclusive chemical treatment and equipment approach. We have found that this acquisition has been mutually beneficial to our customers as well as Viking Chemical.

In August of 2013 VIKING added a White Room to its packaging facility.  This capability allows VIKING Chemical to package and distribute Food Grade Propylene Glycol, Glycerin as well as many other products, to its new and existing customer base. The recently developed White Room is Kosher Certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council and was designed to be energy efficient. 

September, 2013  VIKING Chemical is proud to announce its partnership with POLIGRAT GmbH.  Not only is VIKING distributing the POLIGRAT product line, VIKING has been granted manufacturing rights for much of the POLIGRAT product line.  For more than 60 years POLIGRAT has specialized in the development, production and application of special processes for the chemical and electrochemical finishing of metal surfaces.  POLIGRAT processes are being used worldwide to meet stringent surface requirements as well as product functionality and appearance.